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American Society of Radiologic Technologists

June 26, 2017

Support Radiologist Assistants! 

The Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act of 2017 was introduced on March 29 by U.S. Sen. John Boozman (R-AR) as S. 769 and on April 5 by Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) as H.R. 1904. These bills propose a law that amends Medicare reimbursement policy and supervision levels for radiologist assistants to align them with state radiologist assistant laws. 

Nevada​​​​​​​​​​​​ Society of

Radiologic Technologists

October 8, 2018

  • The NvSRT is gearing up for the next legislative session. Since the end of the 2017 session, the legislative team of the NvSRT has continued to work on our pursuit for licensure. During the 2017-2018 timeframe, the legislative team from the NvSRT have met regularly with Nevada’s Radiation Control Program and other organizations to make sure we all are proposing the radiation protection needs of our patients and the public. Along with these meetings, during the 2018 NvSRT state conference held in April at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, we had a robust discussion regarding our past efforts, bill details, and plans for the future. Since the Nevada legislature meets on odd-numbered years, 2018 was dedicated to garnering additional support and working closely with our bill sponsor to get our bill introduced. It worked! The NvSRT is positioned to have our own stand-alone bill debated during the 2019 session. It was introduced by our bill sponsor in July, 2018 and is currently in legislative review.
  • The NvSRT has the support from national organizations such as the ARRT, ASRT, NMTCB, ACR, and JRCERT. We are ready to make 2019 the year Nevada improves radiation safety and quality by mandating everyone has an “Education Prior to Exposure.” ​​


The Nevada Society of Radiologic Technologists has made a video explaining the importance of state licensing for those using medical ionizing radiation, for patient safety, and for quality imaging in Nevada.